As a child raised in central Mississippi, I grew up hunting and fishing on the bountiful land in our state with my dad, my uncle and brother. I also had the privilege of sitting at the feet of some of the most skilled and enthusiastic cooks watching my grandmother, mother and aunts prepare some of the best meals for family and friends. I combined these two loves into my Hospitality Management degree and headed west. I was immediately drawn to the western lifestyle working as an expedition chef for one of the oldest guest ranches in the country where horseback riding, fishing, hiking and exploring were daily activities and that is where my passion for hats was born.

A hat is not only a functional part of an adventurer's outfit it can also become an extension of your personal style and story. My hats are creative collaborations because you choose color, shape and style and we add personal touches that make it wearable art.

After five years in Wyoming, taking in all the experiences of the wonderful West I moved back to Mississippi and converted The Barn at Cherry Grove into ML Provisions- a multi use space where I can give you the experience of creating your own personal image through hats.

Come join us at Cherry Grove and let me turn your style and story into an accessory that reflects your life.